Senator Kearney Hosts a Town Hall :: February 12, 2020

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Census Hiring Event :: February 11, 2020

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Census Hiring Event :: January 24, 2020

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2020 PA Farm Show :: January 7, 2020

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Senator Kearney Hosts Healthcare Enrollment Event :: November 16, 2019

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Senators Kearney Hosts Veterans Expo :: November 16, 2019

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Senators Kearney Hosts Affordable Care Act Enrollment Event :: November 7, 2019

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Senators Kearney Welcomes Heather Mitts to the Capitol, Urge Support for Victoria’s Law :: October 22, 2019

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Senator Kearney Hosts a Census Roundtable Discussion :: October 17, 2019

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Capitol All-Stars Legislative Softball Game to Benefit Hunger-Free PA and Feeding Pennsylvania :: September 24, 2019

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Policy Committee Addressing the Institutional and Societal Rape Culture :: September 20, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Hosts an Open House on Addiction :: September 12, 2019

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Sen. Tim Kearney and State Rep. Leanne Krueger Hold a Pet Expo at the Folsom Fire Company :: September 7, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Hosts a Gun Violence Town Hall :: August 20, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Remembers Victims of Gun Violence :: August 7, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Hosts a Town Hall Discussion :: July 31, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Hosts Kids Expo :: June 8, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Elder Abuse :: June 7, 2019

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PA Budget Day of Action Rally :: June 4, 2019

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Senator Kearney and PennEnvironment Host a “Climate on Tap” Event :: May 30, 2019

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Senator Kearney Hosts Upper Darby District Office Open House :: May 30, 2019

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Blame the System Not the Victim: A Panel Discussion to End the Impact of Rape Culture and Sexual Violence in our Communities :: April 27, 2019

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Senator Kearney Joins Colleagues to Introduce Legislation to Abolish Statute of Limitations For Sexual Offenses :: April 10, 2019

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Senator Kearney Joins SEIU at State Capitol Rally for Better Workers’ Rights :: April 9, 2019

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Senator Kearney Honors Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a Call to Action on the Crisis of Poverty and Economic Insecurity :: April 4, 2019

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Senator Kearney Participates in the Citizens’ Rally for Safety over Sunoco :: March 19, 2019

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Senator Kearney Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in Springfield :: March 16, 2019

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Senator Kearney Tours Original Pennsylvania Charter :: March 11, 2019

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Senator Kearney stands with the Interboro High School Choir :: March 11, 2019

Interboro HS Choir

Senator Kearney Participates in the Philadelphia Food and Farm Policy Town Hall :: March 6, 2019

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Senator Kearney Celebrate National School Breakfast Week at Tinicum School :: March 6, 2019

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Raise the Wage Rally :: February 8, 2019

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Senator Tim Kearney Participates in the Women’s March on Philadelphia :: January 19, 2019

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2019 PA Farm Show :: January 9, 2019

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Swearing In Ceremony :: January 1, 2019

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