Legislation for LGBTQ+ Rights

Senator Tim Kearney is a proud advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. In his role as an elected official, he has championed legislation to address inequities and expand protections so that members of the community have the resources they need in our Commonwealth to live safely and confidently as their authentic selves.

Locally, he has partnered with dozens of nonprofit organizations and supported community events that celebrate and promote inclusion for all.

In the state Senate, Kearney serves on the LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus and has opposed homophobic and transphobic legislation like the “Don’t Say Gay” bill or bills banning LGBTQ+ inclusive information from schools. Senator Kearney believes it’s not enough to vote against bad bills, and as a vocal supporter of all LGBTQIA+ individuals, Kearney continues to push for policies that ensure constituents in Pennsylvania who make up the LGBTQIA+ community are treated with respect, fairness, and have equal rights under the law.

Fighter for LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

Senator Kearney is a champion for LGBTQ+ rights in Pennsylvania, and has introduced legislation and co-sponsored colleagues’ bills that fight anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination and enhance protections for civil rights.

Dismantling Anti-Trans Bureaucracy

The process for trans individuals seeking to officially drop their deadname is onerous and dangerous – involving an application in court and publicly advertising one’s name change in newspapers, inviting anti-trans harassment and unwanted attention. Senator Kearney worked to introduce a package of bills to dismantle this discriminatory process.

SB 523
Senator Kearney’s bill to reduce public misgendering by removing the requirement for birth certificates to include sex, which can become a barrier for trans individual’s correct IDs.

SB 524
Senator Kearney’s bill to provide grants for providing assistance to individuals changing their legal name.

SB 526
This bill creates state resources and staff training to make the current process of changing one’s legal name easier and affirming for trans individuals.

SB 530
This bill replaces the burdensome public court process for changing one’s legal name with a new process that will be faster, less burdensome, and private for trans individuals and others seeking a name change.

SB 574
This bill would remove the dangerous and discriminatory legal requirement for individuals to publish notice of their name change in two newspapers, which is expensive and jeopardizes the safety of trans individuals that change their legal name.

Protections Against Discrimination

SB 63
Senator Kearney’s bill to expand Pennsylvania’s Hate Crimes law to protect people against violence and intimidation based on sex, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ancestry, and disabilities.

SB 609
Senator Kearney’s bill, a copied version of which became law in 2022, to remove all references to homosexuality from Pennsylvania’s Crime Code.
HB 300
“The Fairness Act” Senator Kearney supports this bill to prohibit housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and many other identity factors that are unprotected under current law.
SB 474
This bill prohibits banks, mortgage lenders, and other credit servicers from discriminating against loan applicants based on sexual orientation.

SB 150
This bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Act to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals in areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations.

SB 902
Prohibition of the LGBTQ+ Panic Defense.

LGBTQ+ Healthcare

SB 541/542
These bills require insurance coverage for PrEP and PEP HIV medication.

Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Change or “Conversion” Therapy for Minors (Bill Number TBD)