Local entrepreneurs and small business owners attend Senator Tim Kearney and Rep. Gina H. Curry’s 2nd Annual Black & Diverse Business Forum at DCCC on Feb. 25.

SPRINGFIELD, PA- February 27, 2023 – Senator Tim Kearney, and state Rep. Gina H. Curry recently hosted their 2nd Annual Black & Diverse Business Forum at Delaware County Community College. 

Nearly 50 local entrepreneurs and small business owners came out to hear subject-matter experts provide business tips and resources on topics ranging from the basics of entrepreneurship to certifications and different ways to access capital. Guests also received insight about different business opportunities specifically available to Black and diverse businesses during the round-robin presentation portion of the forum.

“It was encouraging to see more people come out to our event this year,” said Senator Kearney. “Last year, when we hosted our first forum, Rep. Curry and I wanted to create a space for Black and diverse business owners to feel supported and encouraged to start a business or scale and grow an existing venture.  This year, with double the number of business owners in attendance, our goal remains the same: to leave people with a better understanding of the supports available no matter where they are on their business journey.”

“We are incredibly grateful to our panelists, speakers, and vendors for helping to make this event a success,” said Rep. Curry “We need this information because there are wonderful resources out there. Too many of our small black and diverse businesses don’t often have a seat at the table, don’t have equitable access to capital and most often aren’t considered for the mainstream business opportunities.  We brought together dozens of powerhouse community partners to present amazing networking prospects and conversations around the vast amount of opportunities via mentorship, accessing business credit, business certifications and more.”

According to Kerry Kirkland, Pennsylvania Department of General Services Deputy Secretary for Diversity, Inclusion & Small Business Opportunities, 41% of minority businesses shuddered their doors during the pandemic.  Kirkland, who served as the Keynote speaker again this year encouraged guests to seek out opportunities with the Commonwealth. “There’s no better time to do business with the state then right now,” said Kirkland. “We need more events like these duplicated all across the state so we can have our minority businesses grow to the point they were at before COVID.”

In hopes of encouraging more business owners to seek out help growing their businesses, Senator Kearney and Rep. Curry are looking to host the Black & Diverse Business Forum bi-annually moving forward.

For anyone who missed the forum, it is available online.

Senator Kearney and Rep. Curry would like to thank Wawa for sponsoring the event.