Harrisburg, PA,  January 1, 2019 – Tim Kearney, architect and former Mayor of Swarthmore, was sworn in on Tuesday as the next Senator for Pennsylvania’s 26th District. Swearing in on both a bible and copy of the Pennsylvania Constitution, Senator Kearney pledged to uphold the state Constitution and the US Constitution. At a reception in the Capitol following the administration of the oath of office, Senator Kearney made remarks to a group of nearly 100 supporters who traveled to Harrisburg to witness the ceremony firsthand.

“I never intended to become anything other than an architect, but it’s because of that background that I’m here today. Architects have a different way of looking at things: It’s never about winners and losers. When trying to build something, it’s about getting everyone around a table, working together to achieve common goals.

“In this term, Democrats will take real steps to preserve and protect our environment. We will not allow large corporations to continue to buy influence and roll back regulations. Or to restrict our ability to ensure that our children, and our children’s children have breathable air, clean water, and have access to an environment that makes Pennsylvania an attractive place to do business.

“We’re already taking action to protect Pennsylvanians whose coverage under the Affordable Care Act has been threatened by a court ruling in Texas with Senate Bills 50 and 51. Nobody should face bankruptcy because of a pre-existing condition or because of artificial lifetime limits imposed by insurance companies. And older Pennsylvanians should be able to age in place with dignity and without worrying whether they’ll be able to get the medications they need to survive.

“Our children need an education system that is fully and fairly funded; one that prioritizes the needs of each child over tax breaks for the already wealthy. Children should not have their potential determined by the zip code in which they were raised.

“Now the work begins. It’s an honor to serve and I look forward to bringing about real, meaningful change that benefits average Pennsylvanians.”


Senator Tim Kearney is a longtime community leader in southeastern Pennsylvania, chairing the Swarthmore Borough Planning Commission for seven years and serving his second term as Mayor until his recent election to the Pennsylvania State Senate. Under Tim’s leadership, Swarthmore has become a leader in environmental protection and sustainability practices, fair and equitable policing practices, and LGBTQ equality. He’s proud of initiating an Aging in Place Taskforce to ensure the vitality of Swarthmore and its senior population. Tim is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Mayors for Peace, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Climate Mayors, Mayors for Solar Energy, Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, We Are Still In – Climate Action, and Mayors for Solar Power. Senator Tim Kearney lives in Swarthmore Borough with his wife, Claudia. They have two grown children who both attended public schools in Delaware County. The 26th District includes a large part of Delaware County and parts of Chester County.